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30 Day Pole Challenge!

I’m definitely The Battler! Lol

The Battler

The Battler is not naturally adept at pole dancing. But she absolutely frickin loves it, and it shows. She is dedicated, hard-working, and though her progress is slow, each hard-won victory is a celebration for her and for her teacher. She has repeated every level at least twice, but she is slowly and steadily getting stronger and more flexible, and is making new discoveries about what she is capable of every day. She may never make it to advanced, but she is going to work as hard as she can to be the very best damn pole dancer she can be.

I’m going to put it out there and nominate the Battler as one of my favourite types of student. Go girl!

30 Day Pole Challenge!

  • Shoes or no shoes? Why?
No shoes! Since I’ve started, I’ve never practiced in my shoes. My feet get sweaty really fast so I haven’t found a comfortable shoe yet. On top of that, since I never used to practice in my heels, it’s difficult for me to maintain my balance since I’m not used to it. However, I am starting to perform in heels so that I will be able to alternate looks when I want. 

30 Day Pole Challenge!

  • What’s your nemesis trick?
I can’t say I have a nemesis trick. Some tricks are more difficult to get into than others, but I don’t really have a nemesis. I’ll just say that some of the most challenging tricks would be the matrix knee hold and the jade split. Only because I haven’t figured out a way for me to get into them solidly. Usually, I try different ways to get into tricks to see which best suites me. Haven’t found those yet for the matrix and jade. Plus, I can’t do splits so the jade poses a problem there.

30 Day Pole Challenge!

  • What’s the worst pole-related bruise or burn you’ve ever gotten? What was it from and have you overcome the cause of it?
If someone would have asked me this two months ago, I would say the worst bruise would be on the inside of my bicep. I pretty much took the skin off. This was from the yogini. Ohh…..that hurt! But, I pushed through the pain. Now I’m able to do the yogini just fine. 

As of today, the worst bruise would be on the inside of my knee. This would be from the matrix knee hold. I’m currently learning this move but it hurts!! I’m able to get into the move just fine. I just can’t let go. I think it’s the pain that frightens me more than anything. *sigh* But, I’ll get it in due time.

30 Day Pole Challenge!

  • If you couldn’t pole dance for the rest of your life, what other exercise would you start doing in its place?
Good question. It would be between yoga or aerials silks.  A lot of polers are also avid yoga masters also. Yoga because of the flexibility and the strength. 

The second choice would be aerials silks. A lot of moves that are in aerials silks are a lot like pole tricks. I’ve taken an aerial silks basics class and caught on rather quickly as the moves were similar. 

30 Day Pole Challenge!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try pole dancing?

GO FOR IT!!!! I’ve loved pole dancing every since I’ve started. There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding pole dancing, but it’s definitely not what the public thinks it is. It’s a sport. A very challenging sport. All polers work HARD to get these moves down and to get where they are. Not only do I enjoy poling, but it has become my hobby. I feel lost without it! 

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