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Pole Dancing

Many people associate pole dancing with stripping. Although I do see the resemblance (pole & half naked girl), I have to put this out there for everyone to read. Pole dancing has become a sport. Pole dancing is also very difficult and competitive. Hell, they’re trying to make pole dancing part of the Olympics! 

I’m not just putting this out there because I am a pole dancer, but I’m putting it out there because there are too many people out there that do not respect the art. Pole dancing is a combination of gymnastics, ballet, strength conditioning and balance. Some people have it. Some don’t. Training takes months. Sometimes even years. You have to be dedicated to the sport in order to succeed. Just the same as football, basketball or even golf. If you don’t believe me, you get on a pole and see how difficult it is. 

All I’m saying is respect the art. Swag.

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